A few recent case studies that illustrate our diverse services and capabilities:

1. Best In Class™
2. Anatomy of a Hit™
3. The Growth Planner™
4. Brand Culture Book™
5. The 101 On...™
6. Emotional Forecasting™

Although Audience Theory has several proprietary methodologies, each client project represents a unique situation and requires a custom approach.

Please get in touch if you’d like us to take you through more specifics of how our work provides value.

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  • Case Study Three
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Comedy Central Comedy Central Selection


Comedy Central came to Audience Theory in search of inspiration that would help them think bigger and bolder about Millennial audience connection.


We applied our Best-In-Class- Analysis™ to take a holistic look at brands that are making a strong millennial connection across categories and across platforms. For example, if Trader Joes is consistently ranked a favorite brand by Millennials, what can a media comedy brand learn from a grocery store chain?


The result of our study are 12 Best-In-Class Milennnial brand ideas that Comedy Central is now focusing on to build relevancy with this group.

"Your presentation was a slam dunk and left the audience wanting more. We can’t wait to work with you again."