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Connection is at the core of what we do

We help build strong connections.

Connection is at the core of what we do: connection between culture, consumers, content and, ultimately, brands. We convey what consumers can’t articulate about what drives one choice over another.

Our ability to spot and nurture connections drives our proprietary, custom approach, which is based on cultural and semiotic analysis, qualitative and quantitative research, brand strategy and two decades of doing business. Our work ultimately fosters connection within a company to guide, unify and inspire teams forward.

Our clients

We reveal what’s behind audience connection.


Our brand work is customized to each client’s specific needs. This includes understanding competitive landscapes, conducting consumer and cultural research, and using methodologies that deliver unique brand positioning and innovation opportunities. Facilitated sessions help us build excitement and unify teams to tackle brand challenges or explore opportunities.

Brand Roadmap

An internal strategy that brings to life a brand’s north star, positioning language and values, helping everyone across an organization act as a unified group.

Competitive Ideology Mapping™

Our strategic and semiotic audit of a brand’s competitive set uncovers its business practices and promotional strategy, and reveals communication opportunities for delivering new meaning in a category.

Emotional Forecasting™

To uncover insights for deepening brand engagement, we take a deep dive into the emotional life of a brand’s audience, revealing how values, life stage, identity and socio/cultural dynamics foster new need states.

Marketing To...

We explore the changing mindsets of an audience group or a significant cultural moment, and what this means for brands in developing effective communication and promotional strategies.


Our content services are made for creative, development and programming teams. Since 2004, we’ve been steeped in global culture and storytelling, and we are committed to understanding how our world shapes the stories people are drawn to. Our clients trust us to identify content pillars, strengthen pilots and scripts, lead content innovation or improve existing shows.

Content Strategy

Using a brand’s positioning and audience insight, we identify content filters that define a brand’s storytelling footprint and where it has permission to stretch.

Pilot Assessor™

We assess show concepts at any stage for cultural relevancy and storytelling differentiation, helping brands decide what to go with, or how to strengthen what they’ve got.

Anatomy Of A Hit®

By uncovering the themes and patterns behind hit storytelling, we help brands identify viewer benefits for a specific audience group, based on cultural relevance, storytelling expectations and brand fit.


We apply audience, content and cultural insights to understand a show’s under-performance and provide course correction across development, production and marketing.

We interpret culture so clients can see opportunities.

Our ongoing culture and storytelling workshops explore the values, attitudes and behaviors driving audience engagement now, and what’s next.

Based in Los Angeles and New York, working worldwide

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Who We Are

Audience Theory is a WBENC-Certified global brand strategy firm with a diverse team of high-level strategists and researchers. With offices in New York and Los Angeles, and the ability to conduct global research throughout Europe, APAC and Latin America, we’re able to help entertainment, media and tech brands domestically and abroad. Please email us to schedule a meeting.

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