Audience Theory’s Knowledge Bank™

Through ongoing primary and secondary research, we’ve amassed a knowledge base of intelligence on critical shifts in culture and its impact on consumer behavior, values, expectations, and
content consumption.

We employ a mix of qualitative research techniques, from consumer deep dives to expert interviews, to stay on top of emerging trends and offer fresh perspective on the issues affecting brands and businesses today. Our ongoing secondary research incorporates a unique approach to content analysis--across platforms, genres, and audiences--as well as competitive analysis involving case studies and semiotics.

Global Academic Panel

We've identified leading thinkers across the world, including academics, business executives, and journalists, to create a global panel of experts. Spanning fields such as media studies, entertainment, sociology, psychology and neurology, our panel brings us fresh perspective leveraging the latest research and insights from their respective fields.

Consumer Fan Panel

We've cultivated a base of consumers from diverse backgrounds and lifestages who share a passion for content, entertainment and pop culture. We regularly conduct interviews with audience groups to keep ahead of what’s connecting (or not) and why.

Competitive Intelligence

Our ongoing scan of the content landscape yields deep insight into where the industry is headed. Using strategic and semiotic analysis, we continually monitor brand culture, business practices, promotional strategy, and content pillars to reveal what's working and why.